My favorite shoes gave up on me

More than a year ago, I purchased a pair of shoes from an online store and from then on, it became my favorite pair. It traveled far and wide and was used for every kind of situation–whether it is sunny or raining, whether it is dusty or muddy, whether the road is smooth or rough–and it survived! We went to Vietnam, to Malaysia and to different parts of the Philippines. This pair is stronger than I thought it would be. It was even stronger than me–they withstood every season of my life that year. It witnessed how I fell in love with someone and was left hanging. This pair saw how I fell in love again and had my heart broken, over and over for the same person. We were together on the long walks I had and recognized every change in pavements. We danced in the rain together, hiked a muddy hill and run the streets taking photos of the places I went to. This pair surprisingly got more compliments than I had and I can imagine it smiling a lot if it was alive. I wonder what this pair is saying on those moments when I am in solitude. I could imagine that they were already complaining because they are tired of being stepped on or being used by me in almost every occasion. They endured and supported my love for long walks, exploring coffee shops, bookstores and any place rustic but homey. This is my best pair, I should say. But I guess all good things must also come to an end. I think that this pair of shoes performed a really huge role in my life and now came to bid goodbye. Thank you for serving me well and making so many memories with me. You never left at times that I needed you most–when I needed comfort on my feet and felt like running away from the world. Thank you for not leaving me like most people do. Thank you for witnessing how I found love in the most unexpected circumstance. Thank you for adding wonder to my wandering heart!

Don’t Fall in Love with Her

Do not fall in love with her for she has a fickle heart. She might hold your hands tightly when you’re together but, her thought is revolving around how to let them go. She will fit on your arms and would seem like she was made for it. But all she wanted is a resting place, somewhere she could visit and not stay. While it is comforting having her around, she is that kind who will burn out easily and look for another adventure. She will leave you puzzles whenever you spend time with her that would prompt you to the desire to look for every piece and know her more. She will make you feel that you are the missing piece, that you could complete her. She will enthusiastically support your endeavors, especially those which involves your passion.

You would mistake her for a dream girl, funny and cute. She is, but, she will not consider you as her Prince Charming riding a white horse who would come around exactly when she needs you.

Do not fall in love with her because she would just simply leave traces behind that might get you thinking she’s the one. When she doesn’t want to be the one.

Battle Scars and Broken Hearts

I was out here broken. And the funny thing is, I can’t even write anything. I have abandoned this home for a few months, the readers visit more often than the writer for I can’t even look at a blank space created from this season. No, let me rephrase that—I can’t even stare at this abstract paper of emotions, of thoughts with mixture of anxieties and fear and anger and loneliness. I am sober and trying to keep things together but I’m losing it. The pain goes on and on and on and I seem to enjoy it each time, knowing that soon enough I’ll be numb.

That was what’s going on in my head while trying to pull thoughts through for this year-ender. I haven’t written much in the past few months—I did, somehow. Some poetry for a certain person and that’s it. Nevertheless, I had the most emotionally draining year thus far. I’ve been out to the wilderness and enjoyed the ups and downs (mostly downs) of being in this kind of season. I had some regrets but at the end of the day, it was my choice and I have no one to blame. I learned how to love and endure, love and be hurt, love and be left with a broken heart. I think throughout this season, I have loved enough that I took risks, I gamble with my fate sacrificing my faith which is not supposed to happen—but it did, unfortunately. And I think that was the biggest mistake of what I’ve gone through. But I believe that I learned a lot and no matter what, I can still go back. That’s how it works, you cannot go too far that God can’t redeem you. I know I don’t deserve this, but that’s grace—His grace.

This year has been a year full of chances, giving out chances and asking for one. For no reason that was the easiest thing for me to do, to forgive and give chances. But the catch is that no matter how forgiving you are, there would still be people who would take you for granted. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s me or because they simply enjoy hurting people because they are also hurting inside. One thing’s for sure—no matter how I’ve been hurt this season, I still have the heart to forgive and give chances. Who am I not to? I’ve been forgiven a hundred times before and even if I fail, He understands and still forgives. I was hurt and hurting, but can you imagine the pain being felt by God whenever people sin and take Jesus’ sacrifices on the cross for granted? I can barely imagine the pain and still, He’s always there, waiting for us to come home—and this is the biggest realization I had—that only He is faithful and only He would love us unconditionally. I knew that before, but I felt it tremendously this year. And I am truly grateful.

I’ll be wrapping up my year with a lighter and stronger heart. Sounds cliché but I do believe that things happen for a reason. For now, I am looking forward to a new season—a season of reconnection, celebration and courage. Cheers to new adventures!