An Episode in my Life

“I quit! I’m tired! You’re grown ups already! You can live without me!”

These are the words which came out from my Dad when he got home from I don’t even know where, drunk. It’s like almost five years ago, he quit smoking and drinking. But suddenly, he came home drunk yelling at us in the middle of the night. And earlier that day, I also saw him smoking.

“Why? What’s wrong with you? What happened? What did we do?”, I was crying while asking him these questions.

He got out of the house, yelling. This is the first time I saw my Dad like that. He cursed people, cursed our situation, cursed all the problems we have. That night, I saw a different side of him. Far from a father who is kind, cheerful, understanding and full of self-control. Everything is not clear to me and I don’t even know what to do.

A moment of silence covered the situation. I stopped crying. Asked God what’s happening and prayed to change my Dad’s mood and decisions that night.

Another moment of deafening silence. It’s dark because we are outside the house and it’s almost midnight. I just stood up, stared at my Dad while he was leaning on a tree. I closed my eyes and after a moment, I saw him walking towards the door of our house, entered, and slept as if nothing happened.

I just felt that shift in the atmosphere the moment I prayed. I don’t know why but after that night, my Dad turned back again. My loving, caring, understanding, and responsible father is back.

That night, it was clear to me how powerful prayers can be and how it can turn things upside down and change even people’s hearts.