Letter to Myself

Dearest Clauie,

I know you haven’t been in the good shape on the past few days (in terms of business). You know what? It’s okay to be not okay. We are not perfect and not everything in our lives would also be. But, always remember that everything happens for a reason and all things work together for our good (Romans 8:28). Failure is normal, it is a good thing because those are proofs that you’ve tried. Failures are just the stepping stones toward your success and not a roadblock to avoid you in reaching your dreams. See it as a step higher than the previous and always feed your mind with optimism. Negative things broaden when highlighted so see to it that you only highlight the good things, you’ll see, they also grows! Keep the prize on your sight and not the price. Keep in mind that faith can make things possible but not easier. Just do it because you are half way there! 😉

– Your inner self


101 Facts About Me (Reloaded)


In response to Dr. Eamer‘s blog post, here’s to knowing me better. Happy reading! 😉

101 Hello! I am Claudette Andal Coronel, but most of the people I know call me Clauie or Clauie Belle because I go by that name on my social media accounts.

100 I am an Aquarian, yes, I was born on the day before the Valentine’s Day.

99 My favorite Fairy Tale princess is Belle of the Beauty and the Beast. That explains the ‘Belle’ after Clauie. It’s also a French term for beautiful.

98 I am over 20 but most of the people say I look 16 or 17.

Me, during office hours! :P

Me, during office hours! 😛

97 Have you been so close to kids? I do. I’m part of our church’s Sunday School and handles the kids.

96 Systems Engineer, that’s my profession but now, I am venturing into Sales as an Account Manager.

95 Looking back, I never really thought of blogging. But then I started last November 2014. And I’m definitely loving it!

94 I am overly indecisive. Options get me easily confused.

93 I never thought that writing a hundred and one significant things about me could be so hard!

92 By the way, I am a Christian. Since 2012, my life has never been the same again.

91 Coffee shop is one of my favorite places since forever. I tend to think creatively and write a lot of stuff while having coffee or frappe.

90 Bridge to Terabithia is my favorite movie, ever!

89 And Step Up movie series keeps me groovin’ while watching.

88 I love music. Anything acoustic and anything that you can play inside a Coffee shop. So thanks to Spotify!

87 I am so hooked with Koreanovelas that whenever I am watching one, it feels like I’m already part of the story.

86 I used to be a Student Council officer during college (V-Chairman).

85 I also joined pageants twice.

During the Ms. CCS 2013 Pageant, Evening Attire competition

During the Ms. CCS 2013 Pageant, Evening Attire competition

84 Unlike any ordinary girl, I love collecting books, pens and notebooks.

83 Fortunately, I was able to study in an exclusive school during Secondary. I got a 4-yr scholarship from the Municipality.

82 Now I’m starting to think if I ever gonna finish this edited post. I barely reached 1/4. Hihi

81 And now I got something added to the items! 😀

80 Because sometimes, I’m a good starter not a finisher.

79 Anyway, I’m the eldest in the family. Everyone calls me ‘Ate’.

78 I have four siblings, 1 boy and 3 girls.

77 Our names all start with ‘C’ except my brother which is ‘K’ and my Mom, ‘N’.

76 I am acrophobic. I discovered that during our council team building when they asked me to do wall climbing and zip line.

75 I’m also not into beach outings, I don’t know how to swim and I’m scared of drowning (who’s not?). I just take pictures whenever I go.

74 Yeah, I dreamt of being a photographer. But now I want to be the model instead. 😛

73 I hate seeing stolen shots of me. :/

72 Aside from Coffee shops, Fullybooked is also one of my favorite places. I usually hangout there ’cause I can read as long as I want.

71 I’m not an artistic type of person.

70 But I appreciate arts so much! And I love seeing and buying art crafts as gifts and just for keeps.

69 I don’t like writing letters for people, but whenever I do, they sure love it.

68 I hate crowded and polluted places. (e.g Divisoria)

67 I hate city buses. I’d rather ride the overly crowded MRT/LRT.

66 I love sky lanterns. It has some sort of magical feels when I watch them.

65 Sariaya, Quezon is my hometown. But I now live in Metro Manila.

64 I could speak natural Manila accent without a trace of me being a ‘probinsyana’.

63 I base my judgement on food through colors and textures not by actually tasting it.

62 I easily get pissed off to not so close friends on Facebook when they tag me to their photos even if I’m not actually there.

61 I love pink and white and any color that’s light. 😉

60 I’m either lightweight or sensitive or tough.

59 I pick the books I read and even the articles from the bloggers I follow.

58 I’ve always wanted to do fashion blogs but hadn’t got the chance and time yet.

57 I don’t know how to use chop sticks. Seriously.

56 I’m interested with different cultures and places and even their histories.

55 I love going to places where there are many trees and flowers.

Took this photo during my Baguio trip.

Took this photo during my Baguio trip.

54 I either love gardens or the beach for photography setting.

53 I talk a lot.

52 I love purchasing things online.

51 I walk a lot. I mostly enjoy places while walking.

50 I dream of becoming a well-known spoken word poet.

49 I enjoy going to museums.

48 I dislike too sweet food like leche flan.

47 I can live for few weeks just eating Ceasar salad.

46 I wanna travel the world, especially Europe.

45 I wish to spend a lot of time in coffee shops during weekends.

44 I’m addicted to grapes!

43 I love chocolates and strawberries inside dark chocs.

42 If I would have a boyfriend, I would possibly ask him to accompany me a lot during travels. That would serve as our date.

41 Sanguine-Choleric.

40 Melancholy at times.

39 I want to set-up a photo shoot where I can do themed photography.

38 I am a night person.

37 Don’t mispronounce my name. I really hate it!

36 I love wearing maxi dresses even if I’m not so tall.

35 By the way, I love making friends. 🙂

34 My bestfriend calls me Muffin heart. (Am I fluffy?)

33 I love watching fountains, dancing fountains and chocolate fountains. Haha!

32 I dyed my hair once (blonde). Just for a change and will do it again.

31 I am the only one born in a hospital among my siblings.

30 I don’t have any game application installed in my phone.

29 My heart is fickle. One day I like this, the other day not. The reason why I change my WordPress blog theme a lot. 😀

28 I’m crazy over cute stuff with butterflies.

27 Words of affirmation is my love language.

26 I don’t eat street food.

25 I am a spontaneous person. I go with the flow of things and not merely a fan of planning.

24 I don’t play any sports.

23 I easily gets bored with talking to people younger than me.

22 Taylor Swift is one of my favorite artists.

21 Do you enjoy musicals? I do as well!

20 I want to get married at the age of 28.

19 Sweet surprises can make my heart melt. ❤

18 I want a walk-in closet in my house.

17 Did I mention I love wearing wedge shoes?

16 Oh wait, I still got a lotta things to do. But doing a to-do list is not my thing.

15 I tend to be so forgetful sometimes. Even with the names of people.

14 I love writing poetry. Check them out here!

13 As mentioned, this is my birthday and my luckiest number!

12 I write a lot about my ideal relationship in a notebook.

11 I have a notebook full of poems I’ve written.

10 I lead a small group of prayer warriors in our church and I pray that they will all have a deeper relationship with the Lord.

9 I like going to events about music, poetry and the likes.

8 I love trying new things. But not really when it comes to food.

7 Oh look, we have reached my favorite number!

6 Instagram is my favorite social media app. And I love taking group photos!

5 I miss my family. I miss home.

4 I wanna have a pet dog (pomsky) and will name him, Cole.

3 My parents are my greatest teachers and inspiration. How can I be able to survive without them?

2 I am a lover of all things beautiful. Of course, they were all created by God.

1 I am a beloved daughter of the King. And will forever be His!

5 Love Languages for Him/Her


1. Love one another. (1 John 4:7) Love comes from God, so if we believe that there is no other god but the Lord and His son Jesus, we should also love. In loving one another, we don’t choose whom to love because there is no exemption in love. Even the worst person we know needs to be loved and I think even the baddest person in the world wants to be loved even by just a single person (1 Peter 4:8).

2. Freedom to love. We are called to be free. God gave us free will, the freedom to choose. We choose our friends, our school, the food that we want to eat. We are given freedom to choose whatever we want for almost everything. God is a risk taker, isn’t He? That’s how He loves us. Even birds can choose where to nest (Psalms 84:3), cattle can freely choose where to wander (Exodus 23:4), and locusts freely swarm where they wish (Proverbs 30:27) but, we [human] must choose to love rather than use our freedom to fall for sins (Galatians 5:13).

3. Greetings of love. Who doesn’t want peace all around us? Where there is love, there is peace. We should not say foul things towards other people because it may cause rage against us. Be mindful of our acts and words, always do or say things out of love (1 Peter 5:14).

4. Reconciliation. (Matthew 5:23-24) Sometimes, it’s inevitable that people would have something against us. It is true that we cannot please everyone but we can still honor and respect them in return. Humility is also a key towards reconciliation.

5. Encouragement. Encouraging and building up one another are true acts of love (1 Thessalonians 5:11). We don’t just simply say good things to other people, but words of love from our hearts, sincere and deeply motivated. One of the 5 love languages according to Dr. Gary Chapman is the Words of Affirmation, appreciating people through words might give them extra encouragement and somehow build rapport between you and that person or increase that person’s confidence. Who knows? Just a single word can brighten up someone’s dull mood. 😉

This article was published on Brew Your Best Year site by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.