Project Happiness 101

Project Happiness 101

So, lately I’ve been frustrated with things happening around me. I feel like it’s an unchangeable situation and I just don’t know what to do. Then I consulted a ‘doctor‘ and he prescribed me to list a hundred and one things that can make me happy. He called this the Project Happiness 101 and that I must be able to accomplish at least 80% of the items on the list within three months (May-July). So let’s see what will be the result after. And here’s the list which I’m goin’ to share:

  1. Celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with my family!
  2. Celebrate my Dad, brother, and bunso’s birthday with the family, of course!
  3. Pre-registration for NCPM 2015
  4. Pay my sibs’ enrollment fees.
  5. Buy health supplements for my Mom and Dad.
  6. Bonding with Destiny Makati intercessors (ice cream party!).
  7. Buy a lot of groceries for my family and for me (in my apartment).
  8. Eat some chocolates!
  9. Stay in Fullybooked for a whole day, probably Saturday and just read my favorite books there.
  10. Visit my Grannies in Batangas.
  11. Be able to ask someone to be my Spiritual mentor.
  12. Play basketball in Timezone.
  13. Watch the movie, The Longest Ride.
  14. Buy some new clothes and shoes.
  15. Spend time in a Coffee Shop and blog.
  16. Experience the MOA Eye with my bestfriend.
  17. Do prophetic painting with the Kids Ministry.
  18. Sleepover with our Resident Pastors (Kuya Nilo and Ate Jas).
  19. Finish reading Growing in the Prophetic by Mike Bickle.
  20. Reconcile with a friend.
  21. Eat a blueberry cheesecake baked by Ate Lady.
  22. Do a photoshoot with Ate Dinah.
  23. Buy new foam for my bed.
  24. Bring Chocolate (teddy bear) to my apartment.
  25. Buy a new Worship Generation shirt.
  26. Construct my dream board.
  27. Welcome at least 4 new dedicated Associates in my org.
  28. Organize the SWAP for DMI Makati.
  29. Be the host on at least one Sunday Celebration.
  30. Overnight LG Sessions! 🙂
  31. Spend some time near the shore.
  32. Take a picture of a sunset/sunrise.
  33. Shout out loud anything in an open space.
  34. Watch Minions. 😛
  35. Stargaze.
  36. Go to Tagaytay, but if I can’t, La Mesa Eco Park would do. 😉
  37. Have a body massage/scrub.
  38. Give a letter to Mommy Jen, Ruth and my LG members.
  39. Buy a new Bible.
  40. Make some work progress on my Scrapbook.
  41. Finish my ALAM Course and get a high score on the exam.
  42. Learn how to do eye shadowing.
  43. Pay my apartment rent on time. 😀
  44. Dance like crazy in my room while playing a really loud music.
  45. Kill some cockroaches! >:D
  46. Get a Shaun the Sheep toy from McDonald’s Happy Meal.
  47. Have a copy of the Hunger Games Trilogy and watch it again.
  48. Stalk my crush’s Facebook account. 😛 LOL
  49. Jog with Ruth in BGC.
  50. Start writing on my journal, consistently.
  51. Buy a new and really cute pen.
  52. Dub a song or movie or commercial dialog using dubsmash.
  53. Get the copy of Doc Eamer’s book, Love is Blog.
  54. Buy peanut butter in Batangas.
  55. Dine in an authentic Korean Restaurant.
  56. Meet up with Garry (one of my closest guy friend).
  57. Buy a new pair of shades.
  58. Learn how to fix my brows. 😛
  59. Install an audio driver on my newly formatted laptop.
  60. Have a general health check-up.
  61. Wash my purple checkered shoes.
  62. Have a personalized necklace with my name on the pendant.
  63. Gain weight.
  64. Give my sisters a really big bottle of shampoo.
  65. Get new post-it notes.
  66. Clean my white earphones.
  67. Transfer files from my phone to my laptop.
  68. Give my LG members some prophetic photos.
  69. Re-organize my things in our apartment.
  70. Buy some new pairs of socks.
  71. Find the picture of me with my crush taken during my cousin’s wedding.
  72. Give my blue floral dress to my sister.
  73. Organize some stuff regarding the Intercession Ministry (e.g the list of Personal Intercessors).
  74. Practice cooking using the induction cooker.
  75. Attend at least 2 trainings a month for my business.
  76. Start and finish a new Bible plan in my Bible App.
  77. Download new stories for my Bible for Kids app.
  78. Get some new worship songs to listen to from our Church’s desktop.
  79. Change my display photo on Facebook.
  80. Go to Carriedo and check out some eyeglasses.
  81. Incorporate the SHAPE module in our LG Sessions.
  82. Sleep a lot on May 1! 😀
  83. Record all the birthdays of everyone close to me. (I’m not so good with dates)
  84. Get a new lipstick color.
  85. Be able to share things about intercession to new SODs.
  86. More selfies with Mom and Paps! ❤
  87. Take a perfect jump shot with my sibs.
  88. Take photos with my Grannies.
  89. Replace my drinks with water instead of juice or carbonated drinks.
  90. Buy Nestle fresh milk.
  91. Replace the toothbrush that I’m using. 😛
  92. Wash my teddy key chain.
  93. Take a whole body picture of me wearing all white.
  94. Attend at least 2 Sunday Celebrations in Destiny Lucena with my sibs.
  95. General cleaning in my apartment.
  96. Talk to Dr. Andaman.
  97. Go to Pasig Mega Market and buy some veggies.
  98. Cook ‘ginisang ampalaya’ for Ate Maybel.
  99. Eat native eggs.
  100. Update my phone contacts.
  101. Post most of the listed items in my Project Happiness on Instagram.

And there you go! Simple? Little? Yes, but will surely make me happy! 🙂



Sa tinagal-tagal at sa hinaba-haba ng panahong palagi kong kasama ang aking pamilya ay hindi man lang namin nagawang magpakuha ng larawan na sama-sama. Maraming beses ko nang binalak na magpakuha ng family picture simula pa lamang noong ako ay high school. Naalala ko noon, nagkaroon kami ng project at kailangan kong maglagay ng family picture. Ngunit dahil nga sa wala naman kaming ganoon, naghanap na lamang ako ng pictures ng bawat isa sa aming pamilya at pinasama-sama iyon sa isang illustration board. Habang nakikita ko ang ilan sa aking mga kaklase na nagpapasa ng kanilang project na may buo at masayang larawan ng kanilang pamilya, nalulungkot ako at naiisip kung kailan ba kami magkakaroon ng ganoon. Kahit simpleng picture lang na buo kami, kahit malabo pa iyan basta kumpleto.

April 25, 2015. Kami ay nagpunta sa lugar ng aking mga lolo at lola sa Batangas. Kapyestahan doon ng araw na iyon kaya inimbita kami ng ilan sa aming mga kamag-anak na pumunta doon. Sa tinagal-tagal rin ng panahon ay hindi pa namin nagagawang pumunta sa isang lugar o okasyon na buo kami. At ngayon na lang ulit nangyari iyon. Hindi maipaliwanag ang aking saya at bakas din iyon sa mga mata ng aking ina habang tinitingnan nya kaming magkakapatid na magkakasama sa likod ng sasakyan, nagkukwentuhan at nagkukulitan na parang mga batang ngayon lang ulit nagkasama-sama matapos ang mahabang bakasyon. Sa maikling pananatili namin sa aming mga lolo at lola ay napakaraming bagong alaala ang muling nagawa. Bumisita rin kami sa ilang mga kamag-anak na ngayon ay hindi na kami makilala dahil kami ay malalaki na at sila ay matatanda na. Ang ilan ay hindi na rin kaya pang lumabas pa ng bahay dahil sa katandaan at hindi na rin kami makita dahil malabo na ang mata. Ngunit hindi matatawaran ang walang humpay na pagpapakilala at kuwentuhan sa mga kaganapan sa kanya-kanyang mga buhay. Bakas sa aking mga magulang, mga tito at tita, lolo at lola ang labis na tuwa sa muling pagkikitang iyon. Walang humpay na picturan, kainan at tawanan.

Ako rin, taon taon ko nang aabangan ang mga pagkakataong gaya noon. At mas madalas na rin akong maglalaan ng panahon sa aking pamilya, lalo na kina lolo at lola! 🙂



My First Love

My First Love

Not so long time ago, You knocked on the door of my heart

I opened up and saw Your majestic face and compassionate beauty

For the first time, that moment melted every inch of me

Just like a pencil, You write another chapter of my life

And erase every trace of the hurtful past

You draw me near in your loving arms

Let me know You and how much You love me

Yet I got confused and tried to escape

You hold my hand and said to never let me go

And now we’ve come this far

All I wanted to see is You

All I wanted to hear is everything about You

All I wanted to give up my life for is You

All I wanted to be is what You desire for me

Because everything You do is about love

and everything You are is love

You are my first love

I just want to talk about You every time

And show the whole world that You are mine

You are my first love

Everywhere I go, everything I do

When they ask me who it’s for

I will always proclaim that it’s for You

No matter how they call me, no matter how they label me

As long as it’s for You

I will be forever grateful, forever proud

Because You are my first love.