5 Reasons Why Reading Can Make You A Better Person

Photograph Fun reading by Marius B. on 500px

There are endless benefits that you can get with reading. May it be books (fiction, non-fiction, inspirational, self-help), blog articles, magazines, and the list goes on. Those who read are known to have more finely tuned brains than those who don’t or those who just do passive activities. Let me share you the top five benefits that I got from reading:

  1. Reading makes you smarter. Reading materials, especially books, can offer you a bunch of knowledge. You can even get more than you can get in school or a short course. Remember that a book is a compilation of years of research or studies or experiences. So, you can get all of those years of gathered information in a shorter period of time by just reading certain books.
  2. Reading improves your verbal abilities and grammatical skills. In reading, I make it a point that I read books or blog articles in English (universal language) and not on my native tongue. Although reading doesn’t necessarily mean to make you better in communication, it will surely help you widen the range of your vocabulary and even improve your writing skills.
  3. Reading improves your imagination. Imagine the things that you can imagine without even reading? Can you see things wider than those who explore through books? I bet no. Books can offer you a lot of things about the world. Say places where you haven’t been before or culture of other countries that hadn’t been taught during your academic years. You tend to make images in your head when you read the description about those places or certain events. It is different from just watching it on the television screen.
  4. Reading makes you enjoy the world. Reading improved my social-being. It made me more participative on volunteer works, social events, art exhibits, blog conferences and so many more activities that really exposed me to the things that this world can offer. Readers enjoy things and being involved with things that can really improve their socialization. With these kinds of participation, they learn more and earn friends.
  5. Reading makes you interesting and attractive. Imagine in a conversation if you could share a lot and never run out of ideas, people would really want to talk to you because they learn from you. And in some ways, you could add more to the conversation. May it be about a story or novel that you’ve read and turned into a movie or a special skill you’ve learned from a book or even a study about something really interesting. You’ve got a lot to share and people won’t get bored conversing with you.

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Words Spoken

Photograph The poet by John Georgiou on 500px

When I was a kid, I’ve always wondered
how I would look like in the future.
Where I live, what’s my job or who’s my husband.
But I never really wondered how I could inspire
or what’s the tool I’m gonna be using.
I’ve always loved to write and always been into words.
Which is why one of my hobbies is writing.
And later of 2014, I created my blog
and entitled it, The Pen’s Heart.
I started writing, inspiring people about God and love.
Until I attended an event called Dreams,
a visual arts, poetry and musical event.
There are bands performed and artists painted
but what caught my attention was the spoken word.
I learned that there is such thing as spoken word poetry,
And that you could use poems to tell a story.
That’s when I realize to turn poetry into a hobby.

My eyes were wide opened to the things I could do with poems.
Poems can make people fall in love
or even mend a broken heart.
Poems can stir up hearts and minds
and awaken your sleeping dreams inside.
Poems can make you build relationships
or get you through pains and hardships.
Poems can either destroy or build things.
But everything depends on the poet.
One thing I discovered about performing poems
is that people in front of you listens.
And I think that’s the difference between poems and music.
That people listens to words rather than song lyrics.
And sometimes even the lyrics of songs are senseless.
But I don’t have anything against musicians (perhaps I love them),
and it’s not because I can’t sing that I chose poems,
it’s not because it’s easier to write without tune.
I tell you, poems are not just words placed side by side
to create some thoughts and make some rhymes.
Poetry is something real to me that I could live even if I die.