LOVE is BLOG: A Book Review

blog - edited

To start with, let me tell you something; this is the first time that I bought a book from a local author and written in Tagalog. Not just because I know who the author is, but because of the following reasons:

  1. The title is catchy. Love is BLOG; well, who wouldn’t be curious of what’s inside this book? Aside from love which is a really phenomenal word, there’s blog printed in capital so I bet there’s really a meaning behind it (because I’m obviously a blogger).
  2. The cover design is simple but classy. I love the cover. Whoever designed it, you did a cool work on that! (Obviously, I wasn’t able to read who the illustrator is, but then again, you did a great one.)
  3. It has a weird page numbering. One thing that I can only say is, the author thinks differently! (haha) You’ve got a creativity there. But the texts are so readable that my Dad can read it without his reading glasses. 😛
  4. The story was carefully thought about. I like the twists, the sequence and how it was all written together but maybe on your future books, you could probably add more details to the story. I would love to read it!
  5. The story was well incorporated. I like how the story was incorporated with realistic settings and happenings and even the creativity in naming places and organizations.
  6. You would get a lot of principles. Dear Dr. Eamer, how old are you really? This is not just a plain story or a plain book. In every part of the story, you will surely get something.
  7. Humor has it. Uhm, not exactly the ‘super humor’ that I was expecting but at least you’ve got some humor there. Please work on it more. 😛

Summing it up, I do like the book and I am looking forward for more of it and the possibility for it to be published nationwide. Good job, Dr. Eamer!


To My Almost Lover

almost lover

i thought there would be a you and me, an us,
i thought we were beauty and beast,
but then you never turned into a prince
i thought we were snow white and the prince
until you never kissed me while in a deep sleep.
i thought we were cinderella and prince charming
until those glass slippers don’t fit.
i thought we were jane and tarzan
until you cast me out of the jungle
i thought we were bella and edward
until you refuse to turn me into a vampire
i thought we were sophia and luke
but then you chose your bull-riding career.
i thought we were basha and popoy
but you never gave me another chance
i thought we were agnes and xander
until you chose to give up on me.
though we have never really been
like my favorite love teams,
i still thank you.
thank you for stopping by
and giving me a glimpse of what it’s like.
thank you for making me realize that i have hands,
that i can cross the streets on my own,
that bungee jumping is better off alone.
thank you for letting me keep those love letters
and realizing that someday, i would give it to a better partner.
thank you, thank you for leaving exactly when you must.

Whimsical Thoughts

whimsical thoughts

Whenever I spend time with nature, I can always see the beauty of simplicity. And beyond that simplicity lies the wonders of God’s amazing creations. When I was younger, I would always wonder where the winds are coming from and always been entertained of scenes where leaves, trees and flowers sway and dance through it. Adding to that are the hues perfectly blended together which gives euphoria to my eyes. Wait, have you observed how clouds changes their forms as they pass by the painted blue sky? Or heard the patterns of the bees’ buzzes as they gather nectar from the flowers to make a sweeter thing called honey? Well, I just love the morning dew on my morning stroll and how birds are serenading my ears which really inspires me to write poems. The gentle breeze comes by soothingly to pamper some blues and freshen up my mind. Oh, before I forgot, the butterflies that come by playing around the corner and on my head are perfectly fine. In all of these, I just realized how spectacular life is – it is simply and wonderfully beautiful!