Thin Line


Staring at you
from a distance.
Once, twice, thrice,
or even four times.
I was thinking,
what was on your mind?
Do I even exist
in your world?
But there’s only
one thing certain-
We are apart
but only separated
by a thin line.


Paano Nga Ba Nag-Umpisa?

Lately, I’ve been fond of doing poems. So basically, I just write and write and write until my head bump into the thought of doing a Spoken Word, I mean, recording it. So here’s the link to my very first Tagalog (Filipino) spoken word poetry. Hope you like it!


And also, today marks my blog anniversary. Happy anniversary, The Pen’s Heart and cheers to more thoughts to be shared with you!

You Are

music box

You are the sunlight that casts away dark shadows,
the scent of the morning brew that I look forward to.
You are the pen that I keep on holding
while writing poems after poems for you.
Wishing that someday you would read all this
and know that these are all especially written
to tell the feelings I could only express within.
You are that breath I always catch after running
while you run around my head and keep my world spinning.
You are the butterflies in my belly
and the songs to my melody.
I wish there’s an instrument that could mend
the thinking of you being here beside me.
You are those city lights that shine bright every night,
every night that I wake up from this nap
feeling like I’m in the middle of the streets or traffic lights.
You are the front page of my diary, the about me of my scrapbook
and the lenses of my eyeglasses that completes my look.
You are my favorite pillow and blanket and bedtime stories,
the reason why I sleep soundly having beautiful dreams.
You are the music that I only dances to,
the music while walking on that aisle,
while waiting for the moment when I would say, I do.