12:34 PM

He’s tall. In fact, he is the tallest among his brothers. He is always on the background and barely seen on the spotlight. He’s creatively good with designs and has a witty sense of humor. He’s into some sports and appreciates art, that’s what I’m certain of. He wears eyeglasses as well and has beautiful eyes (for me, the least). He was born on the fourteenth while I was on the thirteenth.

Yes. I know all these. But, no. If you’re gonna ask me if I love him, I would lie. Because I don’t want anybody to see me wishing he is mine. But I don’t want to see anybody wishing he’s theirs as well.

Even if most of the time, I don’t make a good impression, still, I want him to notice. All these things I write, every time I see him standing there and wished he walks towards me and approach me, how I hold every breath for him and wished to start a good conversation. I would definitely lie and put all the feelings for him on the top of the shelf but would still be wondering if I would ever cross his mind. Wondering if those eyes would ever see through my heart.

I would then wake up in the morning with a dream of him last night, I’ll compose myself trying to be attractive. No, I would just pray; pray for a miracle that despite everything they say, a me and him could happen.


You Are Worth More

you are worth more

you are worth more than you could ever imagine
you are not a necklace that someone could just wear occassionally
you’re not a doll that could be played with and replaced with another one
you are not a bottled water that after you’ve been consumed, you’d be thrown away
you are not a door that can be shut off anytime they want
you are not a pastry that everyone can have a taste
you are not a tug-of-war rope that when the other hand wins, you’d be dropped
you are not a tissue that can be filled with tears shed
you are not a joke or a punch line or a metaphor that can be easily forgotten

you are worth more than you could ever imagine
you are worth more than your friends on facebook or instagram followers
you are worth more than the clothes you wear or accessories you have
you are worth more than the awards you have achieved
you are worth more than the things you have experienced
or the flowers and chocolates you’ve received
you are worth more than the nicest things people say to you
you are worth more than those sparkly diamonds
you are worth more than the most expensive things you could ever think of

you are worth more than you could ever imagine
you are a Princess in a Kingdom, a crowned Royalty
you are a star that shine brightly, the sun that gives light
you are a wild flower in the middle of the forest, beautiful and rare
you are the most intricate fragrance that has been carefully extracted
you are a blissful emotion that anyone wants to be felt
you are a perfect photograph, a lovely portrait
you are precious, adorable, valuable, special, priceless
You are a woman, loved by the Creator of all things, above all things.