Crossroads... or cross-grass ? by Martin POKORNY on 500px.com

I was thinking of the right words to say when that moment comes that you and me will meet on that crossroads. I would look into your eyes and memorize your face and probably hug you like we’ve been apart for quite some time. I would feel your heartbeat as my head rest upon your chest and would gaze upon your face seeing the distance of your chin and my head.

I would always fall in love with the differences of our height, our eyes, and how you are so good with designs when all I’m good at is to write. And I would always write things for you and about you; for I know that you will never get tired of reading it. I would always tell you stories of how I fell for you and how everyday, I keep on falling.



I can always imagine myself writing a book – a compilation of the prose and poetry that I have written. And then I would be personally laying-out each page, will put my favorite photos of stuff relating to each opus and work it out for a vintage look. I can imagine you writing the foreword, on how each poem hit your heart and being, on how love was captured in each phrase and how you’ve felt my mood while writing those. I can imagine handing you a published copy and pointing out pieces where you have been the sole inspiration. I would tell you secrets behind those words and how I imagined your reactions knowing that those particular poems were intently written for you, to somehow call your attention, though I know I used too much metaphors.

Poetry and Twigs by Kat Mercury on 500px.com

I can always imagine you reading every single page of that book, over and over again. I can imagine thanking you a hundred times for being my inspiration, for being the one I think of whenever I write pieces about love.

Next Chapter

My life has always been an open book. I’ve been sharing a lot about myself, whereabouts and what-not online – through this blog, on Facebook and Instagram. Some of you may have read the poems I made, the rants I posted and everything that this thing called life had given me. All of it, I accepted with open heart and embraced every change they caused me.


As I open a new book and as God writes the next chapter of my life, I am preparing myself for a greater adventure – for greater responsibilities, new places to go to, new people to meet, emotions to handle and of course, to new poems, stories and a lot more words, phrases, lines to be published and shared on this blog. My heart and mind are ready to be blown away and to be overwhelmed! Bring it on.


And to all the people who have been part of my life and will be part of my life, thank you and welcome. I would always look forward to the moments we will be sharing together. I hope and pray that you wouldn’t be tired of me and somehow I’ll be one those good things that would happen to you. 😉


So, I guess this is a happy birthday. I planned so many things but then I know that God has always something better; those that I truly deserve. As I unfold this new chapter, I’ll open it with a brighter smile, a hopeful heart, a deeper love, and beautiful soul. ❤