Give me a break –

A time to breathe
A time to sip my favorite drink
A time to write
A time to stroll
A time to say my hi and hello

Give me a break –

To pause and pray
And give thanks.


7 Things I Learned After a Week in the Hospital

1 There are a lot of nurses with pretty face. I was confined in a local hospital on my hometown and to tell you, all the nurses attended to me were all good-looking. I don’t know if it’s just one of the qualifications to be hired but honestly, I enjoyed it whenever a nurse checks on me.

2 My veins are too small. This is my first time to be admitted in a hospital for as long as I can remember. I had 18 liters of dextrose and my arms really swelled up that they had to move the iv catheter to another vein thrice.

3 Hospital food isn’t too bad. Well, maybe it depends on the hospital. But mine was fine, it’s just that I can’t eat a lot due to my sickness.

4 Antibiotics injected on skin is too painful. Yes, to the point that I really cried.

5 I could still joke around despite the pain. Since my Mom is the only one to watch over me in the hospital and because I wanted to somehow forget the pain I’m in, I used anything I could use to throw a punchline. And it worked, my Mom’s always laughing.

6 It’s fun to talk to other patients. I could go like, “Hey, how are you? Why are you here?” and they would throw me the same questions and that would be the start of the conversation (whenever I could).

7 Life is beautiful. Being in a hospital, I witnessed patients who almost died and who refused to treatment due to finances, heard of patients who’ve been brought to the ER due to fatal road accidents and so on. As for me, my experience is kinda painful and weakening. I lost pounds of weight, cc’s of blood, my platelets count dropped, almost had an oxygen tube put on me, too many needles and syringe, always throw up after I eat, had to take medicines that taste like hell, had to see my Mom cry because of seeing me in pain. After all these, I realized that life is beautiful. That we have to take care of ourselves for us to enjoy the life that God has given us, free from worries that your life would be taken anytime due to sickness or accident due to carelessness. Let us live life as we should be, take care of this gift given to us, share our lives with the people entrusted with our love, because I think, it is the least that we could do.