Sunday Morning

You are like my coffee in the morning. 

Warm and bitter-sweet.

All of like, my favorite. 💕


Choosing Love


Love isn’t just about your relationship status; it is way deeper than having a special someone beside you. Trust me, I’m single but I choose and feel the love every single day.

I have this one talented church mate who composed a song titled, “Love Will Save the Day.” The chorus keeps on repeating in my mind  and in fact, it became my expression already. I mean, this is true. You could always choose love over boredom, for example. Come on, the Philippines is too awesome for you to explore. Go find some places you haven’t been, invite some friends and do not just stay in one place; you’ll be stroked.

If you are an employee going through some stressful days, stop worrying. Hope for the best and look forward for a greater and brand new tomorrow. I’ve been there and that is how I learned to appreciate the little things around me. I enjoy the warmth of the sun while walking to the office. Let me tell you a secret; I always turn the beat on my phone and catwalk like I’m in a runway or fashion show, it somehow brightens and hypes up my mood. I enjoy seeing the leaves on trees swaying in a morning breeze. And the smile of those people you haven’t even noticed- manong guard, the janitor, the elevator operator- they are priceless. So do not be troubled thinking about your stressful job; that’s a slow suicide.

But love won’t grow over a troubled heart. Negative feelings like pain, anger, insecurity, fear- they will break love into pieces. Choose love over negativity, learn how to value yourself, be happy and don’t be too hard on things. Choose love all the time and you’ll find the missing pieces in your life. You’ll see, you’d be able to find your passion and what really makes you happy. I write because I chose love, I am choosing love. I love to encourage and inspire people. My life has been more meaningful and colorful when I chose love and brush off the opposites.

Go, find your own adventure, learn new things, enjoy God’s creations and choose love over anything else. You deserve it! Just forget anything that holds you back. Let me reiterate, choose love. Always.