A Night Of Poetry

The Passionate Poets of the Night

Ever since I have known that there is such thing as “spoken word poetry”, I have always wanted to do one. I am writing poetry for as long as I can remember and I always say this line: Poetry is my first love. I love watching spoken word performances and poetry reading; and of course, I love writing my own poems – in fact, I have a collection soon to be published as an e-book.

When Brew Your Best Year by CBTL launched and event entitled “Words of the Night” which is all about poetry, good music and tea, I never hesitated to join. For an event with 20 slots available for the performers who would read their poetry, I am blessed enough to be chosen and be able to share my craft to a community where it can be appreciated.

This is a night to remember. It was my first time to share my poetry in front of an audience – live audience. The nerves are there and even when I started reading my poems, I’m still shaking. It felt so unnatural and liberating at the same time knowing that you are sharing your piece to people who have the same passion. I was able to share 3 original poems and felt like I’ve shared a piece of myself as well somehow. I never thought that my poetry would be accepted with warmth by people who are also good on that craft. It’s just so elating. As they say, you will never forget your firsts. I am so thankful that there is such a community and I am looking forward for more, to show my craft to people and inspire them at the same time.

Photo Credits to Brew Your Best Year



Little drops from the sky,

Splashes and cold wind combined.

This little solitary moment

When you leave,

All that’s left behind

Is the love can’t be described.


I ran and hide,
You seek me with all You are.
I drifted apart,
You long for a child like me.
I sin, a lot.
Your forgiveness and grace never did run dry.
I am guilty and ashamed,
You are confident in me.
I cursed,
You gave me words of love.
I doubted my identity,
You crowned me as a royalty.
I admitted to be weak,
You carried me with Your strength.
I was eaten by my emotions,
You gave me peace.
I felt abandoned,
You gave me a home in Your Kingdom.
I am troubled,
You kept me safe in Your presence.
I have forgotten,
You affirmed me with Your faithfulness.
I am a prodigal daughter,
You are an accepting Father.
You are my Father.