Untold Feelings

You are my favorite, the way I always loved to be in rustic places. I still think about the first time we’ve met, what you think of me when we were introduced a few years back and if you minded our age gap.

I fell in love with just the thought of you and been thinking of how you’ve been when you’re not sharing anything on social media. I always wanted to know your favorites and if we ever had the same tastes. I wondered if I will ever get to the places you’ve been because I wanted us to somehow have similarities. I write poems whenever I think of you and confess to the world how special you are and how I imagine you and me in every love story I read or every romance movie I saw.

I wonder if these feelings would ever reach you or if you happen to read any piece that I’ve written because of you. I badly wanted to know your thoughts right now, or if I ever crossed your mind. I badly wanted to hear you so loud, calling my name and speaking your heart.


Random Notes #1

It would’ve been a great two weeks of writing nothing but Haikus- they’re short, simple and direct. I don’t have to think of any more further. Running through them, all of it described mostly my feelings for you. I miss you and I wanna use all the translations of it on all languages that I know just to show you how much I miss you. But then, why on earth did I miss you when all I did was to think of you? I will keep on writing things for you and about you. Someday, I’ll let you read those and I am ready with how you will tease me for being head over heels. Surely, I’ll be the happiest.


Ok, so I don’t usually write posts this random but I also don’t feel like posting my poetry. It’s Friday. And I am feeling the weekend vibe in the office. Today, I am letting go- letting go of the things kept from the past; long enough to be staying on my bed, in my closet. I’m letting go because, primarily, I have moved forward. I don’t need those stuff anymore and secondarily, more people would be happier. I donated my kept stuffed toys to an orphanage, have I told you already how I love kids?
Basically, that’s it. I don’t have a lot of things going on these past few weeks but I am currently working on something exciting.  And I am really excited! I’ll keep you posted. 😘