A Reminder

Poetry by Clauie

A Reminder

If you fall in love with her, be ready to hold her hands tight enough – to keep her close to you in the entire roller coaster ride of her life. Assure her of your company even when she demands solitude. Sometimes, you gotta read between the lines just to figure out what she really wants. Try to write notes on a random piece of paper, this will never be out-fashioned upon her eyes. Memorize her favorite songs by heart and you will never grow out of tune in every situation. She loves cafés and long walks, always be there to keep up- a hand to hold, a coffee buddy, a silence in her chaotic mind, a shoulder to rest upon. Be patient when she’s inside a bookstore, she will be needing your opinions most of the time and prepare something with sense to say.

If you fall in…

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On Being an ‘Ate’ (Eldest Sister)

“Para kanino ka bumabangon?” (For whom are you getting up?) This is a tag line from an advertisement of a known coffee brand; and it keeps on resonating in my head as I wake up each night when I have to go to work on a night shift. Being new to this kind of work schedule, I admit that I really suffer from too much stress and even depression. I would sometimes go home, stare blankly on the wall and would break down crying even if I can’t really point out the reason why. And I won’t stop crying until my head feels terribly ill. I then realized that after a couple of years working for my family, at some point, I would ask myself why I am doing this and what keeps me going. I’m not sure if my siblings could realize the sacrifices that I have to make in order to fully support them and lessen the burden of our parents; some people would tell me that this is not my responsibility but- I just love my family. I love them so much that I wanna make life easier for them; even if it would cost me to sacrifice my own dreams, my health, etc. I was compelled to support them instead of pursuing the things I want because I want them to pursue theirs. As an ate, supporting them will be the least that I can do and I am just so proud with what they’re now achieving on their academics- for me, it is more than rewarding. And I can’t help but thank the Lord with all the strength He’s giving me and the assurance that whatever season I may be, He loves me. Which is why even if I’m tired and almost wanting to give up, just one call to the Him, He’s always there to give me a powerful hug, wipe away my tears and lift me up.