An Open Letter to the Guy Who Almost Broke my Heart

ūüé∂ Maybe I was naive,

Got lost in your eyes

And never really had a chance.

My mistake I didn’t know to be in love ūüé∂

Enter this Taylor Swift song in the background. Funny how I easily fell¬†for your words and enjoyed the time we spent talking to each other — joking around like real couples, ignoring the fact that there’s no us. I hated myself for not having second thoughts or safety precautions. But to be honest with you, I really thought opposites do attract. But we’re not magnets. I may be your sunshine, but you came in like thunder — and I don’t know why I danced with you in the storm. And you’re just so into our conversations that it absent-mindedly¬†made me want you.

I got to know your other side — including the murky past — but now I’m not sure if they weren’t lies. Made up stories because I am that kind of girl who would always sympathize, who’s completely innocent with your worldly ways and masked appearance, a kind of girl who’ll be so accepting and accommodating. That even when I get hurt, I will just move on and write a good poem out of it.

Thank you for the show, thank you for revealing who you really are. But don’t get me wrong. I am not going to judge nor hate you. I will still pray that someday, you will receive the love you deserve. And so will I.



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