Hearts and Minds. This is all about the inspirational posts that I have written, learned and even the things that I have just thought about and put my heart into.

Life Adventures. Hooray! Because in this category, I’ll be showing you some of my experiences that I badly want to share and even the places where I’ve been. So, see you on my adventures! šŸ˜‰

Personal. The things that I write for personal reasons. Hihi. This is basically like journal entries, it just so happened that I posted it here in my blog. May it be a dedicated post for someone, a greeting, a letter for myself or another person.

Short Stories. A series of short stories I’ve written and will be writing. Fictional or real life stories.

Poetry. Oh my love, how sure are you that this is all about the poems I made? Of course you do!

Letters. Dear readers, friends, and families, You are all right. These are the letters I made. Absolutely, definitely, precisely. Love, Clauie.

Interests. Well, basically, the things I like. Teehee. šŸ˜›

Randomness. Anything that I thought of out of the box and out of nothingness. Should I say, I just can’t categorize these stuff. Happy reading!

From the Authors I Follow. Written by them. šŸ™‚ I was inspired, you may be inspired, too!

Captu[r]esday.Ā Capture + Tuesday. This is a part of our group’s blogging prompt. Every Tuesday is photo blog day with a theme.


Your thoughts are so much appreciated! :)

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