Don’t Fall in Love with Her

Do not fall in love with her for she has a fickle heart. She might hold your hands tightly when you’re together but, her thought is revolving around how to let them go. She will fit on your arms and would seem like she was made for it. But all she wanted is a resting place, somewhere she could visit and not stay. While it is comforting having her around, she is that kind who will burn out easily and look for another adventure. She will leave you puzzles whenever you spend time with her that would prompt you to the desire to look for every piece and know her more. She will make you feel that you are the missing piece, that you could complete her. She will enthusiastically support your endeavors, especially those which involves your passion.

You would mistake her for a dream girl, funny and cute. She is, but, she will not consider you as her Prince Charming riding a white horse who would come around exactly when she needs you.

Do not fall in love with her because she would just simply leave traces behind that might get you thinking she’s the one. When she doesn’t want to be the one.



Poetry by Clauie

We were so distant. Yet, I always found myself thinking about you and it always felt like, I know you. That even if we live in different timezones–for when you wake up each morning, the greetings from the sun jumpstart your day while my day is your night, where all you can see are stars and city lights–I still feel that connection. I know somewhere in the middle, we would meet. That there is some sort of crossroad or intersection along the way. It may not be like how motion pictures do it–with all the slow motion and dramas and background music–I’m sure, we are in the moment; our own moment. And I would just love walking towards you, listen to your heart as our eyes make a pact.

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Untold Feelings

You are my favorite, the way I always loved to be in rustic places. I still think about the first time we’ve met, what you think of me when we were introduced a few years back and if you minded our age gap.

I fell in love with just the thought of you and been thinking of how you’ve been when you’re not sharing anything on social media. I always wanted to know your favorites and if we ever had the same tastes. I wondered if I will ever get to the places you’ve been because I wanted us to somehow have similarities. I write poems whenever I think of you and confess to the world how special you are and how I imagine you and me in every love story I read or every romance movie I saw.

I wonder if these feelings would ever reach you or if you happen to read any piece that I’ve written because of you. I badly wanted to know your thoughts right now, or if I ever crossed your mind. I badly wanted to hear you so loud, calling my name and speaking your heart.