A New Space for my Poetry

So lately, I have been thinking of moving out to another space for me to be able to write more specifically or more likely to focus on my poetry. But then again, I can’t leave this place, my heart still belongs to this and I don’t wanna go yet, I’ve just been started. So I came up to making another one where I would share purely my poetry (and prose) and make it somehow a collection of my literary pieces.

And now, let me introduce Poetry by Clauie! *party poppers* *loud applause and whistles*


I’m excited into what this one would bring to the blogosphere. I hope you are too. See you there! 😉


A Night Of Poetry

The Passionate Poets of the Night

Ever since I have known that there is such thing as “spoken word poetry”, I have always wanted to do one. I am writing poetry for as long as I can remember and I always say this line: Poetry is my first love. I love watching spoken word performances and poetry reading; and of course, I love writing my own poems – in fact, I have a collection soon to be published as an e-book.

When Brew Your Best Year by CBTL launched and event entitled “Words of the Night” which is all about poetry, good music and tea, I never hesitated to join. For an event with 20 slots available for the performers who would read their poetry, I am blessed enough to be chosen and be able to share my craft to a community where it can be appreciated.

This is a night to remember. It was my first time to share my poetry in front of an audience – live audience. The nerves are there and even when I started reading my poems, I’m still shaking. It felt so unnatural and liberating at the same time knowing that you are sharing your piece to people who have the same passion. I was able to share 3 original poems and felt like I’ve shared a piece of myself as well somehow. I never thought that my poetry would be accepted with warmth by people who are also good on that craft. It’s just so elating. As they say, you will never forget your firsts. I am so thankful that there is such a community and I am looking forward for more, to show my craft to people and inspire them at the same time.

Photo Credits to Brew Your Best Year

When Writing Becomes my Favorite Thing

when writing becomes my favorite thing

“Excuse me, are you a writer?”

Someone asked me this question more than a year ago when I was spending time in a bookstore journaling (if there’s such a word) some crazy thoughts. I paused and think. Then I answered.

“Uhm, not really. I’m just writing some stuff on my journal. Why?”

“Is that so? Seems like the thoughts keep on flowing as I watch you write.”

That instance, I glanced at my journal and started thinking, oh yeah. I’ve written on two pages already but I still got a lot to write. After that little talk from that stranger whom eventually became a friend, I thought of creating a blog. So few months later, primarily out of boredom, I created it. At first, it’s really not easy to put a title and description for it. I browsed some blogs on WordPress and was able to come up with a theme, a title and a short description about my blog. It’s fun. But when I’m done with it, I don’t even know what’s gonna be my first blog entry.

I remembered a verse in the Bible which was shared to me by my leader. And for my first blog entry, I just expound and added some of my thoughts about what was shared. There goes my very first blog entry.

Knowing new co-bloggers.

Some few bloggers noticed my blog (I don’t know how) and started commenting on my entries. Some of them happen to know me personally. I’ve received some pieces of advice and was able to improve (somehow) on my writing. I enjoyed it more when I started receiving positive feedback on my blog posts. Ideas kept on flowing and I keep on writing it down, may it be poems, experiences and basically anything I could write about. A brand manager from a renowned coffee shop chain happen to bump in my blog site and shared some of my entries on their website (that was one of the best feeling) to inspire their community. That inspired me more to write.

Writer’s block.

I don’t know if most of the writers experiences this thing but I’m pretty sure, at one point, some of us had. There would be days where ideas would keep on coming and you will just write and write and write. But on the other hand, I’ve had those moments where I can’t even write anything even if I badly desire to write. I even had times where I am starting to write something and then suddenly, I can’t continue. So, I would just erase everything and throw it to trash.

Writing as a self-care.

In my line of work, there’s a high risk for stress. I am dealing with a lot of people with different personalities. Some days are easy, some are toxic, I don’t have control with the attitude of people that’s why even if I have a pool of understanding, there would come a point that I would feel like bursting out. Emotion is one of my opponent but could also be by sweet companion. Most of the time, when I’m in the hype of emotion, I manage to balance things through writing. I let it all out with a pen and a notebook. And little did I know that my feelings subside already and I was able to come up with a blog post. Most of the time I spend writing is really therapeutic. I also get to spend time in my favorite coffee shops for writing.

When writing becomes the most enjoyable thing.

And now it came to a point that I wanna stop doing anything but writing. That in this tug-of-war called life, the only escape I have is writing, the only peace that I can get is through writing, the only way that I can express love openly or secretly is through writing, the only way I can express myself indirectly without them knowing is through writing, and the way I show my appreciation for other people is mostly through writing.

So, I bet I’ll barely live in this world without the concept of writing. I love writing, I’m a writer and anything that you may say might be used in a story or a poem. (: