Pen’s Heart x Pinto Art

Looking for a place to spend the weekend over to relax and somehow escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Pinto Art Museum is just a few minutes drive from the metro. I am a fan of art and I do appreciate artsy places a lot so I have decided to plan a mini get-away with my best friend and see this museum. I have been hearing stories about the place that enticed me and I decided to see it for myself. Pinto Art Museum is a beautiful contemporary art space located inside Grand Heights subdivision in Antipolo, Rizal. Pinto means “door” in English and I guess the name itself implies an opening for a relaxing experience and a place where you would want to go back.

Sharing with you some of the photos I took during my tour in the museum:

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Discovering Malabrigo in Lobo, Batangas

Weekends are always the best time for getaways especially if you are working on weekdays. It is the best time to stress out and unwind in a place where you most enjoy it. Fortunately, I happen to plan a getaway far from the usual places that you could think of when you hear of Batangas.

I grew up spending almost all my summer vacations when I was in grade school in my Grandparents’ place in Taysan, Batangas. I remember one or two of those summer vacations where my parents, together with some of my cousins and relatives there brought us to a nearby town – Lobo. There are quite a number of beaches that you could find around the area in different barangays. One of those is Malabrigo where one of my dad’s sisters used to live. And what I remember was the pebble beach that I don’t really enjoy because of the stones. Malabrigo is only few minutes away from the town proper of Lobo passing through fields and resorts in other barangays. Lobo is an hour travel from Batangas City.

Then came last weekend and I thought of going back there with my housemate, two of my siblings and my cousin – our tour guide. I told my cousin that I wanna go to the pebble beach in Malabrigo where I used to remember spending one of those summer vacations.

He brought us to Malabrigo Lighthouse, officially known as Faro de Punta de Malabrigo built in 1896 and served as beacons to vessels at the Verde island passage during the Spanish regime and it was declared as a National Historical Landmark last November 27, 2006. Quite a historical tour out there.


Malabrigo Lighthouse

Down the “parola”, there is a stairway going down to the beach – the pebble beach that I was talking about.  And I thought, I’ll be disappointed because what I’ve seen on the web are too perfect and I thought, the photos are photoshopped.

But then I’ve seen the same thing and I was in awe. It was so relaxing down the beach and hearing the waves are like music to my ears. The pebbles look great and since there is no resorts in that area, the beach shore is really clean and the water is clear, you can see at the bottom. My cousin told me that it is allowed to have camping there as long as you have the permission from the barangay officials. The place is really great and the views are Instagram savvy! I would definitely go back here.

Whimsical Thoughts

whimsical thoughts

Whenever I spend time with nature, I can always see the beauty of simplicity. And beyond that simplicity lies the wonders of God’s amazing creations. When I was younger, I would always wonder where the winds are coming from and always been entertained of scenes where leaves, trees and flowers sway and dance through it. Adding to that are the hues perfectly blended together which gives euphoria to my eyes. Wait, have you observed how clouds changes their forms as they pass by the painted blue sky? Or heard the patterns of the bees’ buzzes as they gather nectar from the flowers to make a sweeter thing called honey? Well, I just love the morning dew on my morning stroll and how birds are serenading my ears which really inspires me to write poems. The gentle breeze comes by soothingly to pamper some blues and freshen up my mind. Oh, before I forgot, the butterflies that come by playing around the corner and on my head are perfectly fine. In all of these, I just realized how spectacular life is – it is simply and wonderfully beautiful!