Just Another Random Post

Hey there, scribblers and avid readers! I surely miss this space, I’ve been in hiatus for like almost two months. Why? I’m not sure either. I honestly didn’t write anything within that period. I may have posted a new poem on my other blog, but that was written long before I got into this “writer’s block” stage.

So, what’s new? I recently attended a Philippine Literature writing workshop and it was a blast! I can’t go into detail, but I really learned a lot. Somehow it has been an eye opener because guiltily, I never used a Philippine setting for my poems and seldom uses the Filipino language. Which in contrary, I am in the Philippines, I am a natural born Filipino, so what was I trying to prove by writing with a very small trace of my home country? These were just my thoughts lately. I’m not sure how to start yet but I guess I’m going to need to study more of our own literature because seeing the works of my fellow Filipinos, it makes me love and be prouder of my own country’s treasures all the more.

Anyway, I wish I could write more and not just post a very random thought like this. See you around, lovely creatures! 😉


Random Notes #1

It would’ve been a great two weeks of writing nothing but Haikus- they’re short, simple and direct. I don’t have to think of any more further. Running through them, all of it described mostly my feelings for you. I miss you and I wanna use all the translations of it on all languages that I know just to show you how much I miss you. But then, why on earth did I miss you when all I did was to think of you? I will keep on writing things for you and about you. Someday, I’ll let you read those and I am ready with how you will tease me for being head over heels. Surely, I’ll be the happiest.