The Father-Daughter Dance

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There’s a little girl who studies in a school not so far away from her home. The school will be holding a father-daughter dance in two weeks.

Her teacher asked, “Are you going to attend the dance?”

The little girl answered, “I really wish I could, but my daddy is not around for he is locked in a jail from the outskirts of town.”

Then the little girl wrote a very unusual request to the sheriff of the jail where her dad is in: Dear Mr. Sheriff, would you be willing to put up a dance on Saturday night since my dad can’t attend the dance in our school? My daddy is not around because he is locked in your jail. I really wish I could dance with him. Please, please grant my request.

The sheriff agreed and a dance was held at the prison.

The father is wearing the prison shirt and looked at her little girl, “You look like a princess tonight. May I have this dance?”

They danced the night away. Swayed round and round, they had the father-daughter dance. The father and daughter were both enchanted with the moment that they didn’t even noticed the time.

After the last song, when her daughter already left, the daddy was left broken. He silently prayed: Dear Jesus, my girl needs her dad around and I am locked in this jail. I want to dance with her every Saturday night and I don’t want to let her down. Please, help me turn my life around because my daughter needs her dad around. 

Based on JJ Heller’s Father-Daughter Dance song.

A Coffee Bean [Love] Story Finale



Oh, hi. It’s you again.

Mind if I join?


I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time already.

So it’s you?

Me what?

The one that the barista keeps on mentioning, the one who waited for me?

Uh, yeah. So he told you.

You must have waited too long.

It’s ok. It’s worth the wait. Besides, the wait is over. 


So what took you so long to drop by?

I just had a break. From coffee.

I see. So, uh, how are you?

I’m good. Been working a lot.

Working on?

A story.

Oh, that’s nice. You’ve been writing a lot, I must say.

How about you? 

Well, writing as well. And waiting for that inspiration to pass by.

Inspiration. Yeah, it’s a must for a writer. Or should I say, essential.

You’re right. It’s the most essential part of me being a writer. Having an inspiration.

So, what are you currently writing about?

Uh, actually, I’m still thinking. I waited for an inspiration to come. And now she ca. . I mean, it came.

Good for you.

Would you mind if I take a glance on what you’re currently working on?

Oh, there’s nothing much.

That must be a really good story. What is it about, anyway? If you don’t mind me asking. Maybe I could be of help.

Well, uh, just a sort of a love story.

Mind if I read?

Go ahead, Mr. J.

Jared. That’s my name.

Cali. I’m Cali.

Pleasure meeting you, Cali.

Pleasure’s mine, Jared.


This is great. Actually it has a nice plot. But do you know what could be even greater?


Writing our own love story.

So, how would you like to start our own love story?


A Coffee Bean [Love] Story Part 6

Finally! The break is over. I think I could have a minimal amount of coffee again.

So, back to your usual routine?

Yep. Into spending long hours in the coffee shop and into writing.

I knew it. You couldn’t live without it. Go on.

Of course. Writing and coffee keep me alive. Haha

I know. Enjoy the rest of your day, sweetie.

I would. Thanks, Sis!

Coffee shop.Coffee-Love

A little hot cup.

I miss this!

We sure you do. But there is also someone who miss you. Or should I say, keeps on asking about you.

Seriously? Who?

I don’t know his name, Miss. He just keeps on talking about you.

Do I know him?

Probably not. He told me you just met.

Hmm, I think I’ve got an idea. Waiting, huh?

Yes, Miss. He said he wanted to see you again.

Is he here everyday?

Mostly, Miss. Almost everyday hoping to see you again.

I see. Thanks, anyway.

Hi there. I miss writing on you. Spending hours at home just typing my story on my laptop is quite boring. I can’t get enough inspiration. I think the smell of coffee and a cozy place with an alluring music help a lot. Well, I have to stay home to avoid coffee temptation. You know what I mean. But who could possibly be this person who waits for me here in the shop? Could it be him? That person who goes by Mr. J? But now I’m back. I could see already if it’s him if he come. Bye for now, I gotta be working on the story I’m writing. Thanks, dear notebook.