LOVE is BLOG: A Book Review

blog - edited

To start with, let me tell you something; this is the first time that I bought a book from a local author and written in Tagalog. Not just because I know who the author is, but because of the following reasons:

  1. The title is catchy. Love is BLOG; well, who wouldn’t be curious of what’s inside this book? Aside from love which is a really phenomenal word, there’s blog printed in capital so I bet there’s really a meaning behind it (because I’m obviously a blogger).
  2. The cover design is simple but classy. I love the cover. Whoever designed it, you did a cool work on that! (Obviously, I wasn’t able to read who the illustrator is, but then again, you did a great one.)
  3. It has a weird page numbering. One thing that I can only say is, the author thinks differently! (haha) You’ve got a creativity there. But the texts are so readable that my Dad can read it without his reading glasses. 😛
  4. The story was carefully thought about. I like the twists, the sequence and how it was all written together but maybe on your future books, you could probably add more details to the story. I would love to read it!
  5. The story was well incorporated. I like how the story was incorporated with realistic settings and happenings and even the creativity in naming places and organizations.
  6. You would get a lot of principles. Dear Dr. Eamer, how old are you really? This is not just a plain story or a plain book. In every part of the story, you will surely get something.
  7. Humor has it. Uhm, not exactly the ‘super humor’ that I was expecting but at least you’ve got some humor there. Please work on it more. 😛

Summing it up, I do like the book and I am looking forward for more of it and the possibility for it to be published nationwide. Good job, Dr. Eamer!