A Night Of Poetry

The Passionate Poets of the Night

Ever since I have known that there is such thing as “spoken word poetry”, I have always wanted to do one. I am writing poetry for as long as I can remember and I always say this line: Poetry is my first love. I love watching spoken word performances and poetry reading; and of course, I love writing my own poems – in fact, I have a collection soon to be published as an e-book.

When Brew Your Best Year by CBTL launched and event entitled “Words of the Night” which is all about poetry, good music and tea, I never hesitated to join. For an event with 20 slots available for the performers who would read their poetry, I am blessed enough to be chosen and be able to share my craft to a community where it can be appreciated.

This is a night to remember. It was my first time to share my poetry in front of an audience – live audience. The nerves are there and even when I started reading my poems, I’m still shaking. It felt so unnatural and liberating at the same time knowing that you are sharing your piece to people who have the same passion. I was able to share 3 original poems and felt like I’ve shared a piece of myself as well somehow. I never thought that my poetry would be accepted with warmth by people who are also good on that craft. It’s just so elating. As they say, you will never forget your firsts. I am so thankful that there is such a community and I am looking forward for more, to show my craft to people and inspire them at the same time.

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Pursuing the More Significant

I grew up in a place where everyone should follow the norm. Where being different is unacceptable or at least , the not so important. All along I have been trying to find my own space, been trying to be felt or noticed by somebody and trying to be labeled as someone who can compete. I was always the one who needed to prove myself in the eyes of those positioned, in the standards of those I thought, chosen. I strive hard to at least have a title; and so I had. But then I started appreciating the silence more than the loud praises, the applause. I started venturing into a different world, a world where no one of my colleagues would care to try out. I entered in a dimension where your voice is hidden behind those words, where your thoughts could be expressed loudly without even speaking.


I’ve written poems and metaphors, stories to describe my feelings, short prose of wild imagining – phrases, sentences, paragraphs of my shortcomings and continuous becoming. I learned to value each type of expressions to convey whatever it is in our hearts – desires, passion, dreams, aspirations, rants, greetings, encouragements, ideals. I learned to value choices and learned that we have choices in everything; and even if you don’t have any other option, it is still a choice whether you would choose to choose or not at all. I have learned a lot, yet still has to learn more. But one thing I’m proud of is that the space given to me has been occupied by a very special craft that I could call, mine.

This article was published on Brew Your Best Year site by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

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When Smiling is the Least that You Can Do


What habit can you develop to add more joy to the lives of others?

They say that in order to develop a habit, you have to do it consistently for at least 21 days. And even if you’re doing it for 20 days already and failed on the 21st, you still have to go back at day 1.

Developing a habit of smiling.

For me, the easiest habit to develop is the habit of smiling. Smile whenever you can and smile even if you don’t feel like smiling at all. You may not lift up other’s spirit, at least maybe your own.

To your parents who prepared your breakfast, a good morning smile cannot consume much of your energy. They might not have a good night sleep due to thinking of some unpaid bills. To the driver of the public vehicle you ride on going to your school or workplace, your smile could somehow release a positive vibe. He might not be having his breakfast yet or been working over time for his gas or car maintenance. To the security guards on the entrance, they might have a hard time going to work but a nice greeting with a genuine smile can make them love their job. To the elevator operator, she greeted you with a smile and enthusiasm. What could go wrong if you smiled back? To a janitor you see working, they’ve been working hard to keep the area clean, a smile could be the least that you can do to help him. You might even be the only one who noticed and greeted him the whole day. To a seatmate, he must have a hard time with his finances and can’t juggle work with other responsibilities he has at hand. And maybe a smile can open up a conversation. To the waiter you placed an order with, remember that he might have a long commute and you’ll only be one of the few customers who flashed a smile at him. When you are lining up in a coffee shop, a smile to a few people who’ll caught your eyes could somehow lengthen their patience waiting in the queue.

Even if nobody’s been smiling at you today, even if you are in a cold environment where people are just focused on their own, smile. You could at least be the light in that cold world or a lift to someone’s spirit. Smile. Even if you don’t feel like doing it. Because in the end, what counts is not how much we were able to receive. Smiling doesn’t cost much but could mean so much to those people you smiled at.

This article was published on Brew Your Best Year site by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

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