My First Love

My First Love

Not so long time ago, You knocked on the door of my heart

I opened up and saw Your majestic face and compassionate beauty

For the first time, that moment melted every inch of me

Just like a pencil, You write another chapter of my life

And erase every trace of the hurtful past

You draw me near in your loving arms

Let me know You and how much You love me

Yet I got confused and tried to escape

You hold my hand and said to never let me go

And now we’ve come this far

All I wanted to see is You

All I wanted to hear is everything about You

All I wanted to give up my life for is You

All I wanted to be is what You desire for me

Because everything You do is about love

and everything You are is love

You are my first love

I just want to talk about You every time

And show the whole world that You are mine

You are my first love

Everywhere I go, everything I do

When they ask me who it’s for

I will always proclaim that it’s for You

No matter how they call me, no matter how they label me

As long as it’s for You

I will be forever grateful, forever proud

Because You are my first love.