My News feed and Filipinos

edgar matobato 1

As I was browsing my Facebook news feed last night and this morning, I have seen a lot of posts regarding a person named Edgar Matobato who claimed to be a witness for President Duterte’s extra judicial killing activities. But he was branded as ‘irrelevant’, ‘a waste of time’, ‘liar’, and the likes by some Senators due to his inconsistent statements. I was then came to a thought of how some Filipinos could risk their identity and how they could play this kind of game against the President just to ruin his reputation. I’m sure some sort of cash was involved with this one. It is impossible to face something like that without a great price.

But how can they go low like that? I got really irritated with some public social media posts regarding this topic- some are pro while most are against. Most people would always have a say on every hot issue that our country faces. But then, at the end of the day, have you been benefited? Did our relevance as a Filipino increased? Nakatulong ba tayo sa mga suliranin ng bansa? What I am saying is that, we have to put our time and attention to more important things. We fight each other in the social media through biased opinions and sharing posts with no enough basis but what are we trying to prove? Are we battling against the right thing and for the right thing? Come on! Use our democracy with useful things and information. Let’s think about the things we post or comment about. Remember that it speaks a lot about who we are.

God bless the Philippines, our President, and the Filipinos.