Just Another Random Post

Hey there, scribblers and avid readers! I surely miss this space, I’ve been in hiatus for like almost two months. Why? I’m not sure either. I honestly didn’t write anything within that period. I may have posted a new poem on my other blog, but that was written long before I got into this “writer’s block” stage.

So, what’s new? I recently attended a Philippine Literature writing workshop and it was a blast! I can’t go into detail, but I really learned a lot. Somehow it has been an eye opener because guiltily, I never used a Philippine setting for my poems and seldom uses the Filipino language. Which in contrary, I am in the Philippines, I am a natural born Filipino, so what was I trying to prove by writing with a very small trace of my home country? These were just my thoughts lately. I’m not sure how to start yet but I guess I’m going to need to study more of our own literature because seeing the works of my fellow Filipinos, it makes me love and be prouder of my own country’s treasures all the more.

Anyway, I wish I could write more and not just post a very random thought like this. See you around, lovely creatures! 😉


On Self Improvement

On Self-Improvement

Lately, I’ve been thinking about going back to school. I mean, I really wanted to study Creative Writing long before I started this blog but the responsibility that came up with adulthood felt like a road block. Not to mention that I am a breadwinner. But then, whenever my siblings talk about school and all the burdens and struggles they have with their courses and subjects, the urge to study again and push through with my passion is only getting stronger. I badly wanted to improve myself – my thought organization, the writing process that I have, the things I write and of course, the craft that I want to focus on – poetry.

As a fan of education, I want to also improve myself. Of course, I am very much aware of the fact that it would cost some investment – time and money. But I think it is really important that we invest on the good things –  on things that can’t be taken away from us, on things that can’t be faked and on things that we could share in a way or another. Self-improvement is a gift that we can give ourselves, so why not invest on it while we can? Perhaps, we have all the time in the world to. Much more if it will fire up our passion – what we really love doing. I just realized the clarity of my goals (I think, it’s really important that you know what you want and where you wanna go) and how I would wanted them to be so I am taking this as the first step.

I hope to share with you the things I learned once I finished Creative Writing (hopefully next year). 😉

If You Fall in Love with A Writer

the pen's heart

If you fall in love with a writer,
You will always be her favorite character.
Your name will always be spelled out
from the 26 letters of the alphabet
over and over so she won’t forget.

If you fall in love with a writer,
You’ll be the ink in her pen
that would leave a mark on every piece of paper.
You’ll always be in her mind
while writing down things, those undefined.
Beautiful thoughts that will never run dry
from the wellspring of her heart.

If you fall in love with a writer,
You’ll be the melody on her songs,
the rhymes on her poems, the apple of her eyes.
You will always be the reason
why her written pieces come to life.

If you fall in love with a writer,
You’d be the reason why she keeps on writing.
You will be her greatest addiction.
Thoughts of you will remain and will be read
and even when you’re gone or far away,
they will not be dead.

If you fall in love with a writer,
You will be her Prince Charming,
you can navigate the oceans
and fight with sword and armor.
You’ll be the best feeling
she would want everyone to feel or remember.

If you fall in love with a writer,
Please, embrace her more.
She would have needed words to remember,
Words to keep her company, words to fight for.

If you fall in love with a writer,
Hold her hand, keep her heart.
She wouldn’t ask for more.